◉ ╋ ◑ STEFANO PILIA & MASSIMO PUPILLO – κένωσις (Kenosis)


The result of a long period of study and retirement in a house in the Bologna countryside in the first 3 months of 2018, KENOSIS renews the meeting between Stefano Pilia and Massimo Pupillo (already together on several tours of ZU and in the Zu93 project, together with David Tibet). A Greek word of Gnostic derivation (literally meaning “emptying”), KENOSIS is the result of a process of composition that saw the two musicians move away from their usual writing methods and from the conventional use of their instruments, to push themselves towards a sound, only apparently electronic, at the limit between the organic and inorganic world. Everything you hear in KENOSIS was played, simply using a bass and an electric guitar processed analogically, often improvising in very long sessions, the starting point for the actual composition. The drawings of the Red Book of Jung, open every day on a different page and left in front of the mixer, have marked the writing of the album which shows, among other things, the shared passion for the harmonic method of Arvo Part and the research underground of certain Italian artists, in particular Roberto Musci. In the DNA of these pieces, inspiring… more

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