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The cycle of compositions by Alessandro Bosetti collected under the title Plane/Talea reflect his interest in vocal polyphonic music. They envision an ‘impossible choir’ constructed through the sampling of thousands of fragments and pieces of voices, his own and those of others, and their recomposition into polyphonic garlands and textures. This cycle can be intended as the utopic sonification of an impossible community in which the voice is atomized into primary particles and later reconstituted into sonic masses and clouds. These are too dense and complex for a chorus of real human beings to sing. The music of Plane/Talea is the sonic projection of such a community. The voice is not processed or altered in any way but subjected to molecular reorganization. The Ars Combinatoria of Raimondo Lullo, mistic of the thirteenth century, and his divine concentric Wheels of Fate that guaranteed to be able to express all the combinations of the universe, have inspired Bosetti for this project. A new step in his wide investigation of the relationship word/sound.

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