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Between a Japanese archipelago and an injunction to love in Italian, we still don’t know the true origin of the name of the Geneva trio… The same goes for their music: unclassifiable. Between dance hall, afro pop, guayla, dub reminiscence and middle-eastern sounds, AMAMI traces a unique road in the Geneva, Swiss and international musical landscape.

Founded by the keyboardist and bassist Inès Mouzoune, Raphaël Anker (Imperial Tiger Orchestra) on EVI, percussion and drum machine and Gabriel Ghebrezghi on vocals and casiotone, AMAMI is above all a space of encounter and experimentation. Between several origins, Eritrean for Gabriel Ghebrezghi, Italian and Swiss for Raphaël Anker, Bulgarian and Moroccan for Ines Manzoune, their sound also fuses different musical sensibilities: electronic, traditional, dub and experimental music.



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