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American performance and improv artist Anna Homler is best known for her early work as “Breadwoman,” originally released in the mid-80ties. Ever since, Homler has played a myriad of live gigs, released a steady stream of music—and was part of numerous collaborations. With Deliquium in C, Präsens Editionen now proudly presents four new tracks originating from Homler’s collaborations, on which she sounds gentle and pervasive, maternal and childlike, enigmatic and familiar, playful and severe, squeaking and humming.

For Deliquium in C, Homler worked together with four extraordinary artists moving in the domain of electronic music in its broadest sense: Gang of Ducks’ Alessio Capovilla, Mark Davies alias The Pylon King (who, together with Homler, forms the duo Voices of Kwahn), PAN-affiliate Steven Warwick aka Heatsick, and the late Steve Moshier, who produced the original Breadwoman tape. These collaborations emphasize once more just how versatile Homler is—as a singer and as a master of her toys.

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