Artifex is an improvisation sound duo formed by Luca albrecht Praussello on vocals and Julyo Fortunato Masagaky on electric double bass and effects. Artifex as a project was born in December 2016 with the participation in the centenary of the Dadaist movement. This anachronistic duo represents a Totally out of time, fascinating, dreamy ratio between Osaka and Genoa.

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Ouverture Fantastique is an unreal aural journey. A 5 acts ritual progressively bringing the listener away from the weight of rationality, allowing him to the luxury of magic thought for an hour.
Vocals, guitar bass and double bass act as ritual objects. Sounds sublimated by electronic effects wave an organic plot, immersing the listener in a soft meditative flux made of Pre-visions, ambient surveys, wooded fantastic sonorous elements and micro-faunas not always friendly.
(Introduction to Artifex’s performance for “L’INSTANT” Festival’s opening, at “Espace Albatros” in Montreuil, Paris, in June 2018)

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