Artist Unknown / JP’S MYSPACE BEATS


Two *limited edition* 160-gram classic black vinyl LPs (pressed by Smashed Plastic in Chicago) inside a heavyweight reverse-board single-pocket jacket with poly-lined inner-sleeves. Vinyl Only. No digital, no represses.

Jeff Parker’s a man with many talents – not just a fantastic jazz guitarist, but a musician who’s had his hands in many pies over the years – as you’ll hear with this very enigmatic set! The music is dated a bit by the Myspace reference in the title – and it’s definitely full of the beats that are promised too – as the work is from a period when Parker was experimenting a lot with his talents as a DJ, as most of these tracks mix older samples from jazz and soul music with more contemporary rhythms – tunes that echo the sounds that were moving across Parker’s turntable at the time, with plenty of vintage sounds that you’ll recognize throughout the double-length set” Dustygroove.

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