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Ill Communication is the fourth studio album by American rap rock group Beastie Boys. It was released on May 31, 1994 by Grand Royal Records.
It’s as if Beastie Boys took stock in their history, realized they were past the point of having to prove anything, said what the hell, and decided to throw their whole repertoire into the album. Considering the record was assembled over a comparatively brief six-month span, it’s an ideal, condensed snapshot of the Boys’ genuine interests and cultural obsessions, whether they were spiritual (Buddhism), musical (late-60s/early-70s soul-jazz) or recreational (no less than three members of the 1993-94 Knicks get shout-outs). It’s the Beasties at their most lifestyle-savvy, though they came across less like opportunistic youth marketers and more like the idiosyncratic hipsters they’d always been. (Remember, this was in 1994, before “hipster” was a pejorative.)

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