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We have been fan of BG for a long while , “Evil Devil” has been a favourite in the DTW headquarters for almost a decade now.
In 2018 we had the big pleasure to meet Boye Gbenro with his wife in Lagos where we had a long talk about his career and the possibility to cooperate in order to reissue his “Evil Devil” track. It took us a few months to understand the best formula to issue the track , the problem we faced was due to the fact that the multitracks were lost and this made impossible to work on a dubwise not originally mixed. Nothing is impossible!
We are lucky to be surrounded by many talented friends. To our rescue came Daniel Tuff from Shaolin Sound (UK) who made a 1st demo of the riddim and with it in our hands, talking with BG, we agreed that the best solution was to re-sing it and propose the 1st original cut and the brand new. It’s said that one idea leads to another. So having some new materials in our hands we decided to ask Gabri and Filippo from Rootikal Horns (Italy) to play horns in substitution of the synth line and Abeng to overview the recording. During the studio’s time the enthusiasm was so much that once Abeng return home, he re-played an alternate cut of the riddim. Now with 3 cuts in our hands , the icing on the cake came from Sue and Monica (Rootikal Foundation chorists) , who sealed the track with their great backing vocals!



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