Finally reissued on vinyl here is Blurt’s self-titled essential debut from 1982 remastered and accompanied by a second album that collects all singles from 1980-1984 including:
– My Mother Was A Friend Of An Enemy Of The People (1980)
– The Fish Needs A Bike (1981)
– The Ruminant Plinth (1983)
– White Line Fever (1984)

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Led by poet/saxophonist/blurter Ted Milton, they were one of the oddest and most galvanizing bands from Great Britain’s post-punk movement. Surfacing a year after 1981’s live full-length In Berlin, their self-titled debut studio LP consists of seven tracks that strip funk and jazz-inflected no wave down to insanely logical essentials. These lean vehicles operated by Milton, his brother Jake (drums), and Pete Creese (guitar) get your hips twitching and your brain itching. The songs are both tight and spacey—a rare combo of elements that coheres into trance-funk jams punctuated by Milton’s rude, shredded sax jags and spluttering, megaphoned rants. If you saw Ted Milton doing his thing on the street corner, you’d give him a wide berth. See him onstage or hear him on record and you’re transfixed and repulsed in equal measure. (Jive Time)