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In 1982 Springsteen recorded a series of songs with a portable 4-track multitrack, using only acoustic guitar, harmonica and little else, and then later recorded the definitive versions in the studio with the E Street Band. Springsteen however, dissatisfied with the arrangements with the band, finally decided to deliver the original product to the record company. The result is a work with bitter lyrics and a slow rhythm: this album completely breaks the discography proposed so far as a collection of completely monotonous songs and with much more poetic, folk and politically radical lyrics. According to Springsteen biography critic Dave Marsh, this album was written during a time of depression. In 1991 the actor and director Sean Penn produced the film The Indian Runner (Lone Wolf in Italian), a film completely inspired by Highway Patrolman, where the characters, settings and narrative style are a faithful transposition of the song, of which the film it becomes homage and extension.

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