Claudio Rocchetti / THY EYES, THE BETRAYAL


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Thy eyes, the betrayal is the third and final chapter of the Panorama trilogy by Claudio Rocchetti.

A narrating voice leads the way through the rooms of an imaginary museum, an idealized path through life. Similarly to an endless crescendo, the ambience gradually becomes emptier. Distant voices and noises fall far away, out of reach. The choir becomes silent, solitary.

Memory binds past and present together, certainly influenced by the surrounding environment, yet distorted by senses and perceptions. The human body – working like a recording device – collects sound and images, archiving them in the brain. And just like sounds or footages recorded on tape, these are subject to decay, growing dim until they will finally become pale ghosts lost in the mist.

Finally hisses, static, clicks and pops of failing analog machinery break the silence, fading memories taking over to fill the blanks of the soundtrack of a lifelong travel.