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Cult of Riggonia is a psychedelic collective from Macon, Georgia, building from a mixture of Captain Beefheart and The Magic Band’s spastic attitude, Animal Collective-like blunt surreal imagery, a Gong approach at multilayered composition and the rhythmic chorality of central-African music. The project is pure oozing waves of textures and superlunary snappy melodies as just expelled from the primordial stew.

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Singing full texts in a language of their own invention and known for the energy of their live shows – full-on sensory experiences featuring video projections, costumes, stuffed animals, whoops and hollers and an high energy free jazz rhythmic vibe – the collective has released tons of stream of consciousness material on their bandcamp page. “Nematode Rodriguez Presents…” on Cloud Recordings is considered to be the most fully realized output to date.

Orbed Porches is Cult of Riggonia’s new cassette in a direct 5th type encounter with the nefarious underground tape organization Artetetra, exhuming and intercepting two different unsystematized but self-sufficient transmissions from the band’s incomprehensible and extremely fascinating thematic surroundings.

“Qesheemp on Chog Spor”’s liquified and erratic thread of folkloric music rattles (Side A) and “Leebdro”’s desertic multi-fi odyssey into chopped instruments samples, hopping grooves and even dungeon-ish snazzy 8-bit/chiptune extravaganza (Side B), form together a beautifully grotesque and quirky take on sacred texts and chants, post-geographical-world music, indigenized versions of extraterrestrial civilizations, fictional hyper-foreign languages and deranged cosmic cults by means of baked folklore and inconsistent glimpses of a cleverly coherent universe.

A new, fresh release scavenging the depths of folk music for the melting people, off-the-cuff pseudo-mythologies and flamboyant DIY sonic Cults.

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