David Fenech & Pierre Bastien / SUSPICIOUS MOON


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A collection of Elvis Presley covers recorded by the duet David Fenech & Pierre Bastien

The idea of “Suspicious Moon” started at a party around the topic of blue color. David Fenech had chosen to play “Blue Moon” and Pierre Bastien asked to join in. It was a very enjoyable party and then they recorded the song and decided to plan an album exclusively based on covers of the King. Not that we were absolute fans of Elvis… but as a starting point to go somewhere else. And this is what we reached: in many aspects a premiere for the two musicians. Pierre focuses on (prepared) trumpet for the very first time, while David is heard extensively as a vocalist and is more than ever responsible for all arrangements and textures.

Playing other people’s material is also a premiere for both of them. 11 tracks around very well known standards. Like familiar places that are changed when seen in a different light.

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