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The world has never claimed louder a raise in awareness for the ecosystem, and Daykoda picked up its call with his most organic project to date. The Milan based artist presents his 2nd full album Physis; a work that aims to recall the interdependency between Nature, meant as a whole living entity where we take part into, and Art which directly originates form this union. Drawing on Dakykoda’s signature tumbling jazz drums, wonky hip hop samples and billowing beats, Physis results meandering yet cohesive, climbing up and crawling low like the alternation of events that occur in Nature.

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Opens the A side Cosmic Nature, a shimmering intro, soft keyboards and blippy sounds that flow into Eyes Open, a track that feels expansive and bold like a live session coloured by forceful synths and the adventurous sax. The vivacious tones get smoother and seductive on Radiate feat Br1 and Green Leaves feat Block Mameli, which including Adapted Leaf on the B side, are the most “Stones Throw” tracks of the album. Closes the A side the pastoral My Abstract Monkey feat the multi-instrumentalist artist Robohands. On the B side we venture into the depths of an intricate forest warbling with the doomy pads of Jungle War. Finally the Nature reconciles and allows us to enjoy the sunset with its sun-kissed warmth and twinkling bells (Ten Little Fingers). The hypnotic remix of My Abstract Monkey by the Bristol based collective Ishmael Ensamble ends with a smoky atmosphere, creating a poised harmony that perfectly fits in the concept of Physis .

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