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The Legendary Doctor Alimantado album “BEST DRESSED CHICKEN IN TOWN” is one of the most known Reggae collection throughout the world. The album is a compilation of recordings written, produced, arranged and directed in Kingston Jamaica from the early to the mid 1970's by the legendary Rasta Ambassador to Reggae Music, Doctor Alimantado.

Doctor Feel Good (as Bob Marley likes to call him) originally formed his Recording and Publishing Company in the late 1960's releasing his 7″ singles on his labels Vital Food, Ital, Ital Sounds among others labels.

Growing up around the Ska, Rock Steady and Reggae Music business since he was a child, he developed his talent on some of the known Sound Systems of the day among some of the most noted singers, Musicians, engineers and DJ's who created Jamaican Music. Following a spell of co-producing in the 1960's, He began to self-produced his own compositions on some of the most iconic Reggae rhythms that he purchased.

In the Mid 1970's he did an amalgamation of his labels to form the I.S.D.A. House Of Music Production Group (I.S.D.A.) Out of I.S.D.A. House Of Music came I.S.D.A. Distribution and a host of labels most famous and notable are Greensleeves Records label, I.S.D.A. Productions label, K Records label, Freedom Sound International label, Keyman Records label among others.

I.S.D.A. House Of Music morphed into Keyman Records Ltd and became the main label of the groups's productions. Keyman Records first album release in 1981 was Dr Alimantado “Love Is” followed by “Reggae Review Pt 1”, “In The Mix Pt 1”, Ms Ika Black's “Special Love” among others. “Best Dressed Chicken in Town” was first released on Keyman as a CD and thereafter as Vinyl pressing of the LP. “Born for a Purpose” was also released on Keyman. “in 1977- 78. “kings Bread” was release as a pre release on the I.S.D.A. original label “Ital sounds”.

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