Fantamatres / DELITTO ANTICO


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Limited to 100 copies on black | Wraparound sleeve containing lyrics.

Fantamatres is the duo formed by Giovanni Donadini – former member of With Love and Nastro Mortal also known for his solo-project Ottaven – and the slang-poet Sissy Biasin, who’s been active since the 70’s as a pioneer of the Italian industrial scene with Teatro Satanico and Teatrino della Volpe.

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Fantamatres is their weird collaboration whose output is a regional surreal poetry performed – or more often improvised – over some sleazy organ grooves and pulsing italo disco electronics. After the stunning debut tape release Contacto Salino (Hundebiss Records, 2012) this is their first vinyl release, prepared for a challenge in less than 48 hours and resulted in three real hits trying to capture the irrepressible rampage of their rare and umbelievable live acts.