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Mesmèrico takes inspiration from the theories of german doctor Franz Anton Mesmer.
During the XVIII century Mesmer theorized the existence of an invisible natural force named Animal Magnetism: a subtle, magnetic fluid, capable of passing through mass and changing the state of matter.
Mesmer supposed he could rebalance its energy through electromagnetism, to heal a multitude of illnesses and diseases. Even if his practice found various analogies in different millenary cultures, the official medicine always rejected the existence of such healing energies. Anyhow, Mesmerism lead the way to many modern treatments, including hypnosis and psychoanalysis.

Mesmèrico is the first solo project by Gigi Fagni. His book collects anatomical interpretations of skulls affected by Animal Magnetism, along with circuits schematics representing syllables of a tibetan healing mantra. When superimposing the first and the latter, they’ll offer a completely new vision of the whole.

The reading is meant to be accompanied by its own soundtrack, inspired by one of Mesmer’s compositions: a 20+ minutes mantra loop of droning bass lines textured with buzzing tattoo machine samples, the instruments Gigi is more fond with, and which perfectly renders the circle of magnetic energy described in the book.