Lavorazioni Carni Rosse – Lavorazioni Carni Rosse


White dawn, the beginning of the world. From thick leaves and warmth, from dark soil nourishing on ripeness, from hidden sounds of animals, from light and from dark, from long gone languages, dark callings, from hills of insects, from a snare, from a deep breath, atmosphere arises, enigmatic conductor of those who will listen to the stuff of dreams. A wild, visionary record.
Lavorazioni Carni Rosse is a state of being rather than a way of playing. Subjected, like all of us, to subliminal and coerced external momentum. Warped, amplified, Improvised music. Tiziano Doria – sounds and noises, Sergio Montemagno – trumpet, Andrea Reali – voice and distortions, Paolo Romano – doublebass.

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