Mai Mai Mai – Isola / Azione


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“Isola / Azione” is Mai Mai Mai ‘s new album, recorded and mixed at home in Rome, during the first 2 weeks of lockdown due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


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Mai Mai Mai is an Audio/Video project, an idiosyncratic examination into Mediterranean and Southern Italian folklore, a dark journey into past traditions, made of blurred memories and hazy sounds.

He says “I am taking time to meditate and to imagine possible futures that we are all called to build as a collective, the time given by this Quarantine to rethink the world has we know it.
These two long tracks represent a sound picture of this moment. It’s Meditation.
“Isola” means “Island”: we ended up being on our private and personal Islands, during this forced lockdown at Home.
“Azione” means “Action”: confined in our apartments, each of us knows that nothing will be as before. We need to be active and to find the energy to act and react and face this period, with no fear.
“Isolazione” means “Isolation”:  This situation is “new” and challenging but we can feel the sense of community we always experienced being part of the scene, even during the lockdown. It makes us strong and give us the energy to fight.”