Mary Elizabeth Remington / IN EMBUDO


In a log cabin by Moose Brook in Hardwick Massachusetts is where Mary Remington grew
up with her parents and brother. She was always a creative soul, painting and making
artworks throughout her childhood and eventually graduating from MassArt. She travelled
to farms to work the earth, to stone yards to cut stone, and to the rivers and oceans to dig
for clay, finding rich meaning and potent metaphor for her stories and songs. In the summer
of 2013 Mary spent a week at the Kerrville Folk Festival and sang her songs to an audience
for the first time. This adventure turned her on to the idea that she should share her songs.
Now Mary has recorded her first album of original songs with her friends Adrianne Lenker
and James Krivchenia of Big Thief and Mat Davidson of Twain.

In Embudo was made using full live takes onto a 4-track in a small house edged up along the
Rio Grande in Embudo, New Mexico.

Featuring: Adrianne Lenker (acoustic guitar, vocals) Mat Davidson (steel guitar, acoustic
guitar, electric bass, vocals), James Krivchenia (percussion and engineer) and Mary
Remington (vocals).

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