OUT OF THE GRID / Italian Zine 1978-2006


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‘OUT OF THE GRID. Italian zine 1978-2006’ is SPRINT’s first book.
Through original material, facsimiles and ephemera, the exhibition introduces the volume to the public, presenting a selection of 100 Italian zines through a broad spectrum of social, political, aesthetic, and technological changes in the use of language and communication strategies across the territory of self publishing. Widely mapping Italian society, particularly youth culture – over an extended period that can be symbolically defined as the post-movement and pre-internet3.0 – this outpouring of creativity give visibility to small, imaginative and technical shifts on paper that made mimeographs, photocopiers and offset machines tremble, and often erupted into the need to communicate through other mediums.
A project by Dafne Boggeri
curated in collaboration with Sara Serighelli

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