Pufuleti, Wun Two, Zutera / PERLE AI PORCI


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Perle ai porci is Pufuleti’s new album, created with the precious production help of Wun Two and Zutera. More tidy and less immediate than the previous ones, it takes two or three listens to get into your head, but when it does it places itself well in the middle and spreads out, aiming its pegs at the four sides, leaving a nice mark. We feel Pufu’s style evolving and defining itself more and more, meandering from one featuring to another to the rhythm of a beat that has nothing to envy of the sacred records of Italian rap.

“For me it’s not important that you know what I mean. The important thing is that you see what you want to see, and not what I see. If it gets to you, it gets to you, that’s it. It doesn’t have to have a double meaning, a third sense. This is why for me writing is a puristic thing. I just write. Just like when I go to piss, I don’t think about it when I do it.” (from Greta Valicenti’s interview on Billboard, November 2023)



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