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Cunti is a collection of sonic short stories, fantastic journeys into an unconscious world of archetypes and personal myths. Dives, searches, clashes and encounters with metaphorical creatures are the background to a process in which internal and external come across and merge indefinitely through introspection and idleness. The nine tracks, while shaking your bones and scrambling your internal organs with every kick and drum hit, are paradoxically imbued in the oozy inertia of everyday phlegm and internet-infused attention deficiency. A sluggish, stoned journey into the self, if you will.




After years contributing to Italy’s heterogeneous and increasingly transnational music echosystem by curating his own dream & microsounds label Pampsychia, Reptilian Expo lands on Artetetra like an elegant jelly trainwreck hitting with a mix low-frequencies body-muzak filled with a cocktail of squeaks, wacky samples, manipulated vocal lines and a much-needed pinch of irony.

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