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Pensaments Sònics is a new label born from the necessity to release albums from a sonic perspective. The label will focus on works and projects built around artist conceptualization, sound design, experimentation, new creative approaches, innovative techniques and the exploration of artistic boundaries and intersections with other art forms.

The label’s inaugural release is by Torino-based artist and Gang Of Ducks co-founder Sabla. ‘Music for Melted Floors’ is a record about changes, perceptions and illusions. Music that aims to create a cozy dimension where space and time lose their life-defining role in favour of more tactile sensations. To do so, the Italian producer weaves eight deep compositions that unfold in circles, constantly moving and subtly evolving. Introspective music that explores mental spaces and contrasts between abstract sound washes and ceremonial percussion. The idea of space is one of the key points of the record. As Sabla himself explains, he “tried to think in terms of 3D space” while working on the tracks, “moving things back and forth in an attempt to warp this sonic space”. A way of distorting perceptions that generates unstable yet serene soundscapes.