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Far from the brightest spots in the hype system, hailing from the western genovese area, St.Ride is an eclectic duo, experimenting obscure, disturbing and twisted sides of electronic/ambient music since 2001.
There’s an irrational stream of consciousness, a free flow between the acid beats and the cold and distant synth pads, and actually we can say that the band composed by Maurizio Gusmerini and Edo Grandi has many ways and languages to underline the disintegration of the song shapes, preserving the echoes of the melodies that somehow survived.




There’s a unique imaginary behind the sounds of St.Ride that hasn’t been planned up for a specific target, It’s more like a genuinely surrealistic painting of the decline of post-modernism and the constant corrosion of the middle class, with no sweetening and mercy regarding bourgeois moralities.
The returning new album “microstorie”, four years after previous “Conquistare il mondo” CDR, is the gathering of two decades of investigation beneath the skin of human frailties, as an eretic mantra, rising from the guts of pain towards to the dissolution of the ego.

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