THE STAR PILLOW – Symphony for an intergalactic brotherhood


The Star Pillow is the drone-ambient project of italian guitarist Paolo Monti. The project started in December 2007 with the aim of researching expressions and relations between sound, space and human emotions.
Since 2009 he has released many albums, including releases on Midira Records, Dead Vox and Time Released Sound. He tours continuosly in whole Italy and Europe, including festivals like Le Guess Who? for the “12 Hours Drone”, Kukemuru Ambient Festival (EST) , H.A.N.S. (NL), Gaudeamus Festival (NL), Suono Prossimo (IT).

The new album is composed of three improvisations, recorded and mixed at home by Paolo Monti himself. As the title suggests, the sound is an ever evolving series of guitar drones that seems to ascend above the terrestrial atmosphere, in search of other civilizations to live in peace with.
Welcome space brothers!

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