TAKESHI TERAUCHI – Nippon Guitars / Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974


2015 repress. Subtitled: Instrumental Surf, Eleki & Tsugaru Rock 1966-1974. “The first ever retrospective in the west of one of Japan’s guitar pioneers, Takeshi Terauchi. Charting his career from the surf boom, to groovy ’60s instrumentals, fuzz freak-outs and funk rock. A must-have item for any collector of guitar ‘n’ beats from around the world or anyone with a curiosity for vintage Japanese and Oriental popular music. Big Beat International release, compiled by Howard Wiliams, previously held responsible for the Killing Melody album, a compilation of Japanese gangster soundtracks. Now venturing into the choppy waters of surf and electrified Japanese folk.

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Takeshi Terauchi was the main man behind the mid ’60s Eleki (electric guitar) boom. A powerhouse of guitar pyrotechnics with an understanding of the circuit board; he made his own echo machines and the first Japanese-made PA system. With his two groups, the Blue Jeans and the Bunnys, he led the field and still plays today. The album Nippon Guitars is a sample of his huge catalogue, mainly focusing on hard-edged surf, adapted versions of traditional Japanese folk songs and ’60s Japanese pop grooves. For beat scavengers there are breaks, backed with melodies in the Japanese pentatonic scale.


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