Television Personalities ‎– Some Kind Of Happening (Singles 1978-1989)


This set traces the non-LP history of the band from their punky beginnings of hand-folded sleeves and John Peel endorsements to crashing mod revival and ultra-twee neo-psychedelia — right up to the point where the band (and Treacy) seemed like maybe they had burned out for good. It collects their late-’70s singles for Rough Trade that made their name as shambling, witty, and sharp commenters on the scene.

Adding to the officially released singles that make up the bulk of the collection, some nice rarities were added like the crash pop double shot of “Painting by Numbers” and “Lichtenstein Girl,” recorded under the name the Gifted Children in 1981; a 1982 flexi disc released by Creation where the band does a credible cover of “Biff Bang Pow”; two singles that were slated to be released on Treacy’s Dreamworld label in the mid-’80s but were shelved (not for quality issues!); and a rare single released on the Caff label in 1989. The singles plus the rarities make for a thrilling collection of music that works as a stand-alone confirmation of Dan Treacy’s unrelenting genius or, when paired with the brilliant albums the band released at the same time, fits the pieces of the TVP.

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