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A biannual publication exploring the intersection of sound, art, ecology and contemporary culture at large through different editorial sections—from the carte blanche of IN-SITU, to the critical analysis of READER and ARCHIVE, a display for timeless projects that shape our vision. The issue #1 focuses on the expanded notion of the festival—intended as a collective, multilateral, interconnected manifestation of dynamicity. The theme unfolds through a multiplicity of layers to acquire new and unexpected definitions. Titled “SUB”, this second issue stretches the possibilities of the prefix out of the purely lexical landscape to assume unexpected connotations through in-depth features, interviews, special portfolios, essays, and more. SUB connotes a semantic condition of underneathness—something that’s submerged, subconscious, beneath the surface, yet to unveil. The issue features Suzanne Ciani, Black Med, RP Boo, Drexciya, Merzbow, Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg, Arpanet, Ocean Space and many others to explore the subject.

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