The Cepi Nomads + Hic – Cepi Meets Hic


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We made a big circle, we played with the fire.

“Tutti” (49:10)

1.Part I (5:02), 2.Part II (07:01), 3.Part III (02:55),
4.Part IV (09:56), 5.Part V (05:52), 6.Part VI (07:03),
7.Part VII (05:33), 8.Part VIII (02:22),
9.Part IX (The Good Soldier)(07:01), 10.Part X (03:49)

Cepi is a solid reality located in the
south of France. It’s Barre Phillips’ vision
about improvisation. It can be flexible
about the team but not about the idea above it all.

Hic stands for Hidden Improvisers Consort.
It’s a study group under the guide
of Claudio Lugo.

This meeting has been organized and strongly
desired by Barre Phillips and Tommaso Rolando.

The Cepi Nomads

Barre Phillips – Contrabass
György Kurtag – Electronics
Laurent Charles – Tenor & Baritone Saxophones
Lionel Garcin – Alto & Soprano Saxophones
Gérard Fabbiani – Bass Clarinet
Vlatko Kučan- Clarinet, Sopranino Saxophone
François Rossi – Drums
Emmanuel Cremer – Cello
Patrice Soletti – Electric Guitar


Eugenia Amisano – Voice
Pippo Costella – Voice
Lorenzo Capello – Drums
Mario De Simoni – Classical Guitar
Marco Traversone – Electric Guitar
Giulio Gianì – Alto & Soprano Saxophones
Francesco Mascardi – Flute, Tenor Saxophone
Claudio Lugo – Soprano Saxophone
Pietro Martinelli – Contrabass
Tommaso Rolando – Contrabass
Tina Omerzo – Piano, Roli