The Ex – All Corpses Smell The Same


All Corpses Smell The Same, The Ex’s first single, marks the beginning of this DIY odyssey – appearing in June 1980 on Hé Records, a precursor to the band’s own stalwart Ex Records imprint. The core of The Ex’s propulsive sound can be found in these tracks, as they show a band starting to push beyond the boundaries of punk. The exuberant jag and slash of Terrie Ex’s guitar drive “Human Car” and “Rock ‘N’ Roll-Stoel,” while the rhythmic churn of “Cells” and “Apathy Disease” hints at the shape of Ex music to come – centering on vocalist G.W. Sok’s incisive poetic invective.
This first-time reissue comes with original sleeve design and 8-page booklet.

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