The Gerogerigegege – Uguisudani Apocalypse

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Blazing, funky curveball by living J-noise legends The Gerogerigegege on indomitable label The Trilogy Tapes

Working under one of the sickest names out there, The Gerogerigegege (translates as Japanese onomatopoeia for spewing and pooing yourself simultaneously) have carved out a singular catalogue of lascivious antics since the mid ‘80s for some of the baddest underground label in existence. Influenced as much by Whitehouse as lounge music, Manga and sexual fetishes, they’re next level nutters of the rarest kind, and their music is equally off the wall and testament to that fact.

Returning to the fray in 2016 after a 15 year hiatus, they now cross paths with TTT in a wild dedication to the least used “but, the deepest” trainline in Tokyo with ‘Uguisudani Apocalypse.’ On the first side they variously touch on sleaziest lounge and slunky spy jazz styles, along with wicked turns of organ and drum machine-driven suss recalling Techno Menses, plus a scything High Rise-style psych burner, while the flip keeps it equally unpredictable with shots of whiskey-sozzled blues rock, businessman jazz tristesse and strip-bar disco that all makes perfect sense under the cover’s image of two proud gents in various states of undress.

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