The Mauskovic Dance Band & L’Eclair – Homo Sapiens


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The Eclair-Mauskovic story began in late 2016 when both bands shared a stage for the first time during the Face Z Festival in Geneva. Since then, the two bands have spent their time touring and crafting their own visions of crunchy space future dance music. It seemed logical to join forces in order to produce a collaborative split 7 inch that would blend both bands’ identities.

“Homo Sapiens” is a slick latin L’Eclair groove augmented by mighty Mauskovic timbales and otherworldly vocal oddities.

“Take The Money (Octopus Version), with its multiple layers of organic and electronic drums, is a heavy Mauskovic rhythm filled with L’Eclair’s cosmic synths and lap steel guitar.

Both tracks almost have the same tempo and feature some classic Mauskovic slang. You won’t resist that sleazy laidback groove, wether you’re playing this record at home or at the club.

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