The Pyramids / AOMAWA: THE 1970s RECORDINGS


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A brand new 4LP box set bringing together the incredible 1970s recordings of Afrofuturism pioneers The Pyramids, led by saxophonist Idris Ackamoor. The set features the remastered LPs Lalibela, King Of Kings and Birth / Speed / Merging alongside the first ever vinyl issue of their live session for KQED TV in 1975. The accompanying 12-page 12”-sized booklet features extended interviews with The Pyramids by Francis Gooding and a host of unseen photos.




Lalibela (1973):
IDRISSA ACKAMOOR: Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Bailophone,
Masenqo, Talking drum, Moroccan clay drum
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, Piccolo, Percussion
KWAME KIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass, Ugandan harp, Ethiopian drum, Bamboo flute
MASAI: Soprano saxophone, Bamboo Flute, Percussion
MARCEL LYTLE: Drums, Percussion
HEKAPTAH: Conga drums, Osi drum, Percussion

King Of Kings (1974):
IDRIS ACKAMOOR: Alto saxophone, talking drum, bailophone,
one-stringed goge, Ethiopian drum, calypso box, vocals
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, percussion, vocals
KWAME MIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass, Ugandan harp, percussion, vocals
HEKAPTAH: Conga drums, percussion, vocals
DONALD ROBINSON: Drums, bongos, percussion, vocals

Guest artists:
JEROME SAUNDERS: piano, percussion

Recorded in March, 1974 at Appalachia Sound Recording Studio, Chillicothe, Ohio
Engineer: Wayne Mitchell

Birth / Speed / Merging (1976):
IDRIS ACKAMOOR AKA BRUCE BAKER: Alto saxophone, Bongos, Ku Cheng, Bamboo flutes, Talking drum, Percussion, vocals
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, Piccolo, Percussion, Vocals
KIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass guitar, Talking drum, Ugandan harp, Bamboo flutes,
Percussion, Vocals
HESHIMA: Acoustic bass, Vocals
AUGUSTA LEE COLLINS: Drums, talking drum, Percussion
KENNETH NASH: Congas, Bongos, Rosenbow, Percussion, Guatemalan stick drum, Vocals

Guest Artist:
MCHEZA NGOMA: vocals on ‘Aomawa’, steel drum on ‘Reaffirmation’,
Percussion on ‘Black Man And Woman Of The Nile’

Produced by Idris Ackamoor, Kimathi Asante and Heshima
Recorded in November, 1975 at His Master’s Wheels Studio
Recording Engineer: Jim Furman
Mixed at Different Fur Music
Mixing Engineer: John Vieria


IDRIS ACKAMOOR: Alto saxophone, Bongos, Talking drum, 3-hole flute, Bamboo flute, Vocals, Percussion, Gongs, Cymbal tree, Bailophone, Vocals
MARGO ACKAMOOR: Flute, Vocals, Percussion
KIMATHI ASANTE: Hagstrom bass guitar, Talking drum, Percussions, Bamboo flute, Vocals
HESHIMA: Acoustic bass, Percussion
AUGUSTA LEE COLLINS: Drums, Talking drum, Percussion
MCHEZA NGOMA: Congas, Percussion