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The Verge of Ruin is a research in sound and poetry that started in December 2015 by Stefano de Ponti and Shari DeLorian, in Milan. A view that lives in the present and at the same time is strongly connected with several guides and experiences out of the past. Constantly looking for new vanishing points and responding to creative impossibility which are caused by contemporary collapses of media.

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The framework referred to, is the one drawn by concrete music and acousmatic art of the XIX Century, in particular with references to Cage, Nono, Schaeffer, Xenakis and Scelsi, to reach electroacoustic and avant-garde shores. The approach in composition is highly free and deprived from dogmatisms: from radical experimentation to sound research and sound production, meant as rough matter to be modelled and equipped with a sense. A pre-defined conceptual development through graphic scores, writing and organized materials coming from other artistic languages, like visual arts and literature.
All these elements give life to a ‘style’ that dissociates itself from standard classifications and labeling. Collaboration with other artists and musicians is crucial.