THIS AIN’T NO DISCO, New Wave Album Covers


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This Ain’t No Disco does bring the New Wave era back with page after totally awesome page of 300 of the best album covers.
This rad collection includes covers from the late 1970s to the mid-’80s and will have true believers of a certain generation totally spazzing. New Wave was defined as much by style, fashion, and graphic design as the music itselfwitness the ruffled cuffs and heavy makeup of the New Romantics, the skinny ties and peg-pants of the neo-Mods, and the unsettling robotic personae of Devo and Gary Numan.

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Bursting with wild hairstyles, futuristic typography, pastel shapes, and outlandish clothing, these are the album covers that defined an era and continue to influence music and fashion styles today. A nostalgic trek with a mental soundtrack, This Ain’t No Disco will inspire readers to don those rubber bracelets once again and proclaim, “Let’s dance this mess around!”

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