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Timber Rattle has always been mysterious and seclusive. In the past decade, the southwest Virginia-based music project has released an impressive number of cassettes, CD-Rs, LPs and digital-only recordings – sometimes overlapping with other monikers/projects that explore different depths of the same aural spectrum – yet they have managed to stay in the shadows, not prone to share more than necessary. This intimacy is also mirrored in the music: shamanic, meditative and personal, it takes inspiration from liturgical rites as well as pagan traditions, a murmured mantra to reach a deeper connection with nature, magic and spiritual matter.

The new Timber Rattle album, Ghost or white pavilion, continues on this very course, featuring a signature array of droning gothic organs, skeletal folk guitars and haunting chants, all carefully assembled and layered in two organic compositions which outline an allegorical journey, inward, to ourselves.




An ominous feeling of reverence introduces a slow descent into a dark abyss: like an echo re-emerging from the past, a litany resounds in the empty spaces of forgotten churches, invoking the spirits of ancient cults to guide us on our pilgrimage. A mist, drenched in hypnotic visions, shrouds the path like a veil, while occult presences slither in the shadows. Determined to continue our journey, we may at last find a passage through that intangible fabric, a threshold to the unknown; beyond the phantom sheet, the inmost recesses of an arcane and mystical rite.

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