Tirzah & Micah Levi – Taz And May Vids


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Boomkat review:

DDS render a precious haul of Tirzah / Mica Levi zingersl, ramped up by Demdike Stare’s dextrous edit of I Dare You to chase up 2014’s acclaimed Feeling Romantic Feeling Tropical Feeling Ill LP for mutant dancefloors and sun-kissed headphone journeys.

Smitten by the hugely addictive, brilliantly slippery 2-step twister on Go (there’s been a video online for this track since 2011) Demdike suggested the cut for release on DDS, and were subsequently privileged to peruse the unique space-time folds and dance/pop sampledelia of Mica’s archive. As they also found out whilst compiling her last solo LP; it’s a deeply rewarding experience to explore the Mica’s output: immersing themselves in her peerless world of refractive colours, sawn-off textures and teasing arrangements.

They’ve emerged with a joyously unhinged party-ready EP, traversing the mercurial 2-step viscosity of Mica & Tirzah’s Go, to their addictively sticky ohrwurm, Dare You, and the free cosmic pop whorl of trip6love, before taking in the clanking ragga jag of More Red with Brother May, a.k.a. the London-based MC who voiced Mica’s Fact Mix 444 in 2014.

The cherry on top is a crucial Demdike edit of I Dare You, an extended serve of the original. Jus so good…

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