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TV Dust’s songs flicker in and out of focus, as if they were a continuous broadcast, an ever flowing river of very weird music picked up by a makeshift antenna taped to the iconic San Giorgio church tower in Pordenone. ‘Beep’ was inspired by the isolation experienced during lockdown, when the Naonian/Milanese trio was forced to look inwards and find that source of sound, that electric pulse that keeps them alive in the truer sense of the word.
The skeletal kraut-punk of TV Dust’s ‘Beep’ will leave you puzzled with a playful and artsy approach that can be traced back to The Great Complotto and early Italian new wave. Hypnotic on one hand, jittery and angular on the other, with a toy keyboard and random radio signals mocking the rock-solid grooves built by drums and bass, it feels familiar and at the same time completely new, like hearing your own heartbeat when you least expect it.

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