V/A – The Danced & The Dance: Sacred And Profane Celebration Music From Indonesia


“The Danced And The Dance” is a mixtape of Jaipongan, Oodong odong, Kliningan and Barongan music mainly from Java and mainly focusing on Jaipongan tunes and rhythms.
These genres of music are played during weddings, temple anniversaries and local festivals and all of them are related to specific types of dance often caracterized by states of trance-possession.

Unlike other forms of traditional music, which traditionally enjoyed aristocratic patronage, jaipongan evolved from folk music – in particular, a traditional Sundanese musical entertainment form called “ketuk tilu”.

As is the case, for example, with kroncong, dangdut, Greek rebetika, West Indian steel band music, reggae, and the tango, Jaipongan shares the somewhat disreputable origins of these genres, very often emerging among urban lumpen proletariats, but differing from most modern popular music forms in its origins that are predominantly rural, and, perhaps more noticeably, it is totally indigenous in style. Unlike some of the forms mentioned above, there is no addition of electric guitar, or Western harmonies. Jaipongan is thus one of the relatively few mass media-based pop musics that has resisted any Western or foreign influence.

The music of this mixtape is ripped from old indonesian cassettes of the independent markets found on dedicated indonesian websites. The mix is compiled by Luigi Monteanni.

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