Villalobos / ALCACHOFA


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The album “Alcachofa” by Villalobos is a mesmerizing collection of electronic music that was released by Perlon. This 4LP set showcases the unique sound and style of Ricardo Villalobos, a renowned DJ and producer in the electronic music scene.
With a total playing time of over two hours, “Alcachofa” takes listeners on a captivating journey through intricate rhythms, hypnotic beats, and ethereal melodies. Each track is carefully crafted to create an immersive sonic experience that will transport you to another dimension.
Villalobos’ talent for blending different genres and influences is evident throughout the album. From deep house grooves to minimal techno elements, his music defies categorization and pushes the boundaries of electronic music. The tracks seamlessly flow into one another, creating a cohesive and seamless listening experience.



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