Wretched / I SINGOLI (1982​-​1988)


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WRETCHED were an Italian hardcore punk band born in Milan in 1981. They were inspired by the English anarcho-punk bands of the time, as Discharge and Crass, but they immediately developed an original and radical sound (“chaos not music” they said) which at the time made Italian HC punk unique.
Their work is distinguished by the strong anarcho-pacifist, libertarian, anti-militarist message: their was counterculture action, not just simple musical activity. The band’s activity was inextricably linked to that of the squat called VIRUS, one of the first self-managed punk realities in Milan (it existed from 1981 to 1989).
WRETCHED were among the first bands in Italy to print self-produced records, and to claim this choice as a declaration for independence from the music business.

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