Yu Su deftly wraps up her sound at its dreamiest in a sterling debut album of new wave dance-pop with strong influence from traditional Chinese music.
‘Yellow River Blue’ is titled after the arterial river that passes near Yu Su’s birth place in Kaifeng, Henang Province, and unfurls as a sort of autobiographical collection of instrumental stories about “chasing something inconceivable.” Now based in Vancouver, from where she’s launched a series of much loved 12”s for likes of Second Circle and PPU, plus a split tape with CS + Kreme, Yu Su uses the album to reflect on recent years experiences of touring and travelling between cities and countries, expressing a related sense of detachment or temporariness, and feelings of being turned away and, likewise, accepted, or as she puts it “The world is my home and it isn’t, but as long as there is generosity of water and mud…”

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Released to mark the arrival of the New Year of the Ox, according to the Chinese Zodiac, there’s a distinct sort of sehnsucht to the eight tracks of ‘Yellow River Blue’, treading the finest line of melancholic wist and FM-toned, new age ‘80s techno-poptimism that perfuses the album with a warm humanity and pathos between the puckered dream-bop of ‘Xiu’, the serpentine electro of ‘Futuro’ and ‘Gleam’, and thru to the Prince-meets-YMO style Linn drum chops and colourful arp plumage in ‘Melaleuca’, and her contemplative downstroke, ‘Dusty.’