ZEIT – Il cerchio degli antichi colori


With their second album of 1981, the ensemble Zeit re-propose their own vision of a new cultural multi-geographical mosaic without
boundaries. The sound confirms the inspired and eclectic vein of
previous work suggesting even a greater conviction and maturity of
intent. The arrangements tend to dilate in more alchemical and
hypnotic sequences, while the range of inspirations (Balkan music,
Greek, Turkish, Persian, African etc.) and the poly-instrumentalism
are even more precious and varied. Decisively more experimental
compositions as Gli Antichi Colori, Nuovo Orizzonte or Kalimba are indicative of an unparalleled executive expertise that flows into meditative and introspective delights by resonances now more obscure or more solar. The conpresence of popular european and middle-east atmospheres as a strong reminder to the world of dance suggest once again the charm of the meeting between East and West, in view of brotherhood and solidarity among peoples. So, the “Circle” releaves itself almost like a sound tale of distant and ancient Byzantine, Arab and Christian novels, according to a nomadic spirit that finds in music the preferred journey to joy and love. In these re-issue also appear Kolo e Variazione and Corde D’Amore, two live tracks unreleased that further enrich the repertoire of one of the most original group that Italy has ever known.

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