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Delmore FX delivers soundscapes from the other side of the mirror. Hands, soul and mind behind the Das Andere Selbst label and the psychotropical duo Marimba, Elia Buletti is one of the most enlightened figures in the Neukölln underground scene. Dealing with micro-sounds, kaleidoscopic collages, deconstructed and multilayered textures created by means of both digital and analogic devices, his sonic palette is a world on his own, constantly changing and rearranging itself in unimaginable new shapes: a dreamlike fantasy of mechanic shells, bioluminescent starfishes and crystal corals coming in and out of life on a neon rainbow beach.




The tracks on this tape were recorded during a sleep-happening in the Hangar room of Macao: people laid down on mattresses for the whole night while incense and soundwaves filled the room with smoke and perfume. Candles and low blue lights illuminated the heads slowly drifting into sleep while, occasionally, raindrops fell on the floor.

An original collage from the private archive of the almost forgotten abstract and minimalist artist Miro Cusumano (Milano, 1938 – Milano, 1987) serves as a perfect visual counterpart of Delmore FX magical-realist micro-sonic creations as well as a imaginary map of Macao (Milan) as seen from above in a timeless and oblique perspective.

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