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Helen Money /// live

martedì 12 settembre
ore 1930

(Usa, Thrill Jockey Records)


Alison Chesley aka Helen Money è una violoncellista sperimentale con influenze che vanno da Pablo Casas a Šostakovič passando per Jimi Hendrix e Minutemen. questo per far capire fin da subito che il suo è un approccio contemporaneo, libero e punk o addirittura metal a uno strumento ‘classico’ come il violoncello. ha collaborato con artisti del calibro di Bob Mould, Broken Social Scene, Anthrax, Mono, Russian Circles, Disturbed and Poi Dog Pondering, pubblica dischi con Profound Lore Records e Thrill Jockey e ha girato il mondo con gente come Shellac, Shellac, Neurosis, Sleep, Russian Circles, Magma, Agalloch, Earth, and Nina Nastasia. Il 12 settembre sarà da VOLUM E e presenterà il suo ultimo disco “Become Zero” (hrill Jockey 2016).


“ Become Zero is an obliteration of the senses to leave one wrung out and euphoric, offering both epiphanies from Heaven and elegies from Hell. ” – The Quietus
“The most interesting feature of Helen Money’s live performance is the ease at which Chelsey’s compositions shift between the two poles of vulnerability and harshness. The whole performance comes off as simultaneously heavy and disarming.” – CVLT Nation
“ Become Zero is spare but heavy, dark but beautiful, melodic but meditative.” – The Guardian

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Finally online!

VOLUM E website and e-commerce is online, finally.

it took a long time, but we did it. and we are happy.

on you’ll be able to find more or less every item we have in the shop, and it will be more or less updated on a more or less daily basis. more or less.

for now, used records are not included yet. if you want to have a look at the used records catalogue, you can find some on volumeshop profile on discogs: just click on the little record icon at the top of this page where all the other “social” icons are, and it’ll link you there in a sec.

we’ll do our best to improve the shop in the next few weeks, but for now we hope you’ll find it easy, user friendly and functional.

and of course, any feedback will be much appreciated.

enjoy surfing!