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ORA D’ARIA con laura agnusdei.

Laura Agnusdei is a musician from Bologna (IT) who a few months ago released a beautiful album called Laurisilva. More than a record, an ecosystem to be explored, made of hybrid and fascinating sounds, which mix wind instruments, electronics, experimentation and dreamy atmospheres in a harmonious and never predictable way.
We met a couple of years ago when she payed inside VOLUME, it was the tour of her previous album Night/Lights. That evening we also watched Profondo Rosso. We had planned a presentation of Laurisilva at VOLUME in April but it could not be done and therefore laura packed this ORA D’ARIA keeping in mind what it would have been: a path through the music and the sounds that influenced Laurisilva’s creation.


Bjork – Virus
Nicolas Gaunin – WhatU
Amadou et Mariam – Je pense a toi
Charles Mingus – Group Dance
Akazéhé par Deaux Jeunes Filles (Burundi Musique Traditionelles recorded by Michel Vuylsteke)
Herbie Hancock – Rain Dance
Laura Agnusdei – Jungle Shuffle
Charles Cohen – Cloud Hands
Roberto Musci – The Ups and Downs of Chewing Gum
Senior Service – Sunny Sidro feat. Kaili
Hibotep – Acid Dairiah
Flying Lotus – Satelllliiiiite
Martin Denny – The Enchanted Sea
Duke Ellington – Didjeridoo
Nuri – 9roov
Daisuke Tanabe – Pinebee
Mario Swagga and DJ Sililia – Party la Uhakika (Epic Party

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