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ORA D’ARIA con maurizio abate.

Our big friend and favourite guitarist Maurizio Abate has compiled a wonderful ORA D’ARIA. These are the words he used to describe it.

To compile this playlist I have drawn exclusively from the Ocora catalog, French label founded in 1957 by musicians Charles Duvelle and Pierre Schaeffer who focuses its research
on sounds and music from the world. I have always been impressed by the technical quality of the recordings on these records and by the care in choosing the tracks. This further selection of mine tries to trace a hypothetical travel itinerary that starts from Italy and reaches the Far East through Europe and Asia. Over time my interest in music from the world turned out to be a search for more common traits
that of formal differences, it always amazes me to find timbres, melodic intervals, rhythmic solutions and similar structures in music from different parts of the planet and from distant times.
The wind and reed instruments, the chordophones, the percussions and the voices that you will hear, can lead us to reflect on the cultural, historical and social contexts that have shaped the forms of
these fascinating music and their social, spiritual and community function, perhaps directing us towards an exoticism that can flatter our ego as western people of Modern times.
Personally I am aware that I was born and raised in that part of the world that has produced colonialism and which made its method of exploration, labeling and hegemonic archiving of human phenomena.
However, at every listening these music, albeit through the mechanism of reproduction technique and separated from the rituals within which they are often generated, offers the
possibility of an ecstatic experience, the archetypal power of Sound, origin of everything, activates us, heals us, leads us to different states of consciousness and reminds us of how the tension to transcendence and the search for communication channels with the Eternal are fundamental components in the Man-Sound relationship, always and forever.
Happy listening.


01. Pasturali – Italie, Musiques populaires (folk music of Sicily)
02. Atje te ura ne lume – Albanie, Pays Labë. Plaintes Et Chants D’Amour
03. Peupliers a3 – Yougoslavie 2, Macédoine – Polyphonies Tosques – Sous Les Peupliers
De Bilisht
04. Sándor csoóri – csárdás from the palóc country – Hongrie, Le Dernier Passage
05. Koledarska pesen- na stopanin (christmas carol) – Bulgaria, Traditional Singing
06. Teke zortlatmasi – Turquie, The Baglama of the Yayla
07. Dashti – Iran, Les Maitres De La Musique Traditionnelle, Vol. 2
08. Luth – qar kokoi baatar – Mongolia, chants kazakh et tradition epique de l’ouest
09. Lalayaran – Java, pays sunda musiques savantes
10. Naghmehe Kashâl en Raga Yemen – Afghanistan. Rubab and Dutar
11. Floating Petals Decorating the Green Leaves – China, Music of the Pipa
12. Drum Beating in Praise of Shenrab – Tibet, Traditions Rituelles Des Bonpos
13. Bailo – Japon_ Gagaku
14. Nho Nang (Thinking of His Beloved) – Vietnam, Poems & Songs

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