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ORA D’ARIA con nice strangers.

Silvia is one of the most passionate about music girls I know. I met her a few years ago, and even then Nice Strangers did a wonderful and super interesting research, exploring independent micro-labels, putting together interviews, listenings, first from home then on several italian and international radios, now not even in Italy anymore. She’s also recently been spotted on NTS. finally, one of the beautiful Nice Strangers’ mixes, which explore more and more deeply the abysses of experimental music, has become an ORA D’ARIA for VOLUME.


Ruth Anderson – The Pregnant Dream
Roméo Poirier & Lars Haga Raavand – Båndet av regn
D.K. – Untitled 2
Nikolaienko Meets Arthur Mine – Troglodytes
Ashtray Navigation – A Carbine Is A Beautiful White Bird (excerpt)
De Leon – 06
Khora – Holographic Dreamtime
CS + Kreme – Husk
Brannten Schnure – Der Kuckuck Sprach Das Kann Ich
Loopsel – Soft Fabric
Dj Armok – Don’t Let This Be Your Death Wish
Absent Music – Akahito
Ela Orlean – Something Higher

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