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ORA D’ARIA con servant songs.

I met Nicola a few years ago, I don’t remember where. I remember, however, that I played with my band and he played with his, Vulturum. Now that band no longer exists but there is Servant Songs, which is his solo project with which he released a great album last year called Life Without War. He also played at VOLUME a couple of years ago, for a festival called H E X which he, together with Maurizio Abate, helped me organize. He has always been a big friend of VOLUME and I am happy that he gave us this mix that well represents his huge musical sensitivity. It’s called “straniamento di primavera“.


The Magnetic Fields – World Love
Ton Steine Scherben – Macht Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht
Ijahman Levi – Closer to You
Yukihiro Takahashi – Connection
Thomas Leer – Lust for Loneliness
Jim O’Rourke – Movie on The Way Down
Jon Brion – Dead to The World
Opal – Happy Nightmare Baby
Arthur Russell – Place I Know/Kid Like You
Nico – Afraid
John Cale – Chinese Envoy (Outtakes)
Daniela Casa – Strade Vuote
Horace Andy – Spying Glass
BadBadNotGood – Time Moves Slow
Fairport Convention – Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

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